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SmartWOD “Workout of the Month": June with "John Lemon 🍋"

Updated: Jul 5

Hardcore SmartWOD fans may remember it: the Workout of the Month. After a few months away, the format is finally back - and better than ever. 

In this article, we'll tell you what to expect in June, which well-known athlete will be performing our fruity workout and why you can't avoid it under any circumstances! 

Tip: Make sure you scroll all the way down (it's also a nice workout for your fingers).

What is the SmartWOD “Workout of the Month"?

Athlete doing deadlifts with a barbell

As the name suggests, this term refers to our monthly community workout

A workout that adds a little spice to your training plan - and, above all, brings the SmartWOD community closer together

The best thing is that the workout can be adapted for every fitness level - beginner, advanced and professional. And even for any location, as there is also a "Home Edition" with little equipment.

So if you're still looking for excuses, let me tell you: there are none! That's exactly what makes the SmartWOD "Workout of the month" so charming.

May we introduce: June and "John Lemon 🍋"

Cover picture for the workout of the month "John Lemon"

Our workout in June has a slightly sour note to it, as it has the melodious name "John Lemon 🍋". And as you know, when life gives you lemons... make a workout out of it! And preferably a "For Time" workout.

But don't be fooled: Even if "John Lemon" looks like a quick number, this workout packs a punch! It's definitely not a "touch and go" workout, but rather designed for you to do singles

In other words, you put the bar down after each repetition, take a quick breath and then move on to the next repetition.

"John Lemon 🍋" in different levels of difficulty

Whether you've just started CrossFit or are already an old (very fit) hand - there's something for everyone with our three difficulty levels. 

Fitness level “Performance” (Pros)

For Time:

15 Power Snatches (90/70 kg – 198/154 lbs)

15 Power Clean & Jerk (110/80 kg – 242/176 lbs)


Fitness level “Fitness” (Advanced)

For Time:

15 Power Snatches (52/34 kg – 115/75 lbs)

15 Power Clean & Jerk (61/43 kg – 135/95 lbs)


Fitness level “Starter” (Beginner)

For Time:

15 Power Snatches (34/25 kg – 75/55 lbs)

15 Power Clean & Jerk (42/30 kg – 95/65 lbs)

Which level is the right one?

The biggest (and only) difference between the three levels is the weight. If you don't fall into any of the categories or are unsure: choose a weight that is really challenging for you. If you can do three or more repetitions in a row, the weight is definitely too light. 

Make sure you have good form, because we don't want you to injure yourself.

You can access the workout directly in the SmartWOD Workout Generator app here. All you have to do is click on "Start workout" and you're ready to go!

"John Lemon 🍋" as a home workout

If you want to do the workout at home with less equipment, we also have a version with dumbbells for you.

Home Edition

3 RFT: 

15 DB Snatch (22.5/15 kg – 50/35 lbs)

15 Single Arm Hang Clean & Jerk (22.5/15 kg – 50/35 lbs) 

If the prescribed weights are too heavy for you, feel free to adjust them. The "Home Edition" is not about singles, but you can do several repetitions at a time. That's why there are three rounds instead of just one.

Moritz Fiebig meets John Lemon

CrossFit athlete Moritz Fiebig

We haven't told you the best part yet: In June, we're giving you a little extra motivation. 

None other than CrossFit and SmartWOD athlete Moritz Fiebig will show you how to do the workout! And in real time.

In the video, you can not only watch Moritz do his workout, but he also reveals the strategy he uses to attack the workout. He also gives you tips on what you should pay attention to.

Who is Moritz Fiebig?

In case you don't know Moritz yet: He comes from Hamburg, where he owns his own CrossFit box, Sankt Pauli Athletik. Moritz has already been to the CrossFit Games twice (2022 & 2023) and this year he was named "Fittest Man in Germany" for the fourth time in a row. What a beast!

You can see Moritz everywhere in the SmartWOD Workout Generator app. In the exercise library, you'll find videos of him showing you how to do individual movements correctly. And he also appears regularly in our Instagram Story.

Are you ready for "John Lemon 🍋"?

If you've read this far, we have no doubt that you have willpower and stamina. So grab a few friends or just your barbell or dumbbells and attack our "Workout of the Month".

And most importantly: share your score with us on Instagram, because of course we want to know how much citrus power you've got!

We are giving away 3 premium annual memberships for SmartWOD (Timer or Generator) to everyone who shares their score with us!




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