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The CrossFit Semifinals: The Ultimate Test of Strength Before the Games

Updated: May 30

Are you relatively new to CrossFit or have you just started to get into this tough sport? Then the Semifinals are the right place for you!

The CrossFit Semifinals are a crucial and exciting part of the competition season: they are the final stepping stone to the CrossFit Games, where the best 40 women and men in the world compete for the title of "Fittest on Earth".

But what makes these Semifinals so special and why are they so fascinating? In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know!

What are the CrossFit Semifinals?

Athlete at SkiErg at the CrossFit Semifinals
© CrossFit, LLC

Before we explain that to you, we need to take a moment. Because to understand the semifinals, you need to have at least heard of the CrossFit Games (Games for short).

The Games are the absolute highlight of the CrossFit year and the moment when the fittest men and women from all over the world meet to claim the title of CrossFit champion.

But before they can do that, they have to earn their ticket at the semifinals - a tough selection round.

Who can take part?

Not just anyone can compete in the semi-finals. The athletes first have to get through the CrossFit Open in order to make it to the Quarterfinals. Only the crème de la crème, i.e. the top 40 men and women in each region, then make it to the semi-finals.

What about teams?

Of course, not only individual athletes compete in the Semifinals, but also teams of four who have qualified accordingly. More precisely, the top 30 teams from each region (Europe, Asia, Oceania, etc.).

Why are the Semifinals so special?

Athlete of a team doing a split jerk
© CrossFit, LLC

Apart from the fact that they are the last step before the CrossFit Games, the CrossFit Semifinals have their very own charm.

Equal conditions for everyone

At the Semifinals, all athletes do the same workouts - programmed and prescribed by CrossFit. It's the ultimate global comparison and that's why only the best of the best make it through.

So that it doesn't get boring, the semi-finals don't take place at the same time in the individual regions, but at different times. So you can watch your favorite athletes for several weekends and get in the mood for the Games in August!

Personal live broadcast

But that's not all: unlike the Open or Quarterfinals, the Semifinals will not take place online or in your own box, but in person in selected cities for the respective regions.

This means you don't just see the athletes fighting against the clock or the weight, but also against their direct competitors. This increases the pressure and intensity - and above all the excitement. After all, everything is at stake for the qualified athletes!

How many workouts do athletes have to do at the CrossFit Semifinals?

Athlete who makes toes to bar
© CrossFit, LLC

At the CrossFit Semifinals, it's all about survival of the fittest - and logically, that's no walk in the park! The mental and physical challenges are enormous.

The number of workouts

At the semifinals, athletes typically have to complete between five and seven workouts spread over three days (Friday to Sunday). Each workout is uniquely designed to test different aspects of athleticism - from brute strength and endurance to agility and speed.

It's not just quantity, but quality that counts

But it's not just about the number of workouts, it's also about the intensity. Each one is designed to push athletes to their limits (and sometimes beyond). That's the beauty (and brutality) of the semifinals: they challenge you to give it your all - and then some.

Why do the athletes do this to themselves?

Quite simply, because at the end of the sweaty weekend, the best of the best get one of the coveted tickets for the CrossFit Games. There they have the chance to compete with the fittest people on the planet, win prize money and, ideally, attract the attention of new sponsors.

When and where do the Semifinals take place?

Athlete doing a snatch
© CrossFit, LLC

The semifinals always take place over several weekends in late spring (usually between May and June), spread across various global locations. The exact locations and dates are announced by CrossFit each year.

Selection of locations

Locations are strategically selected to ensure broad geographical coverage and to include athletes from all parts of the world.

In 2024, for example, the semifinals for Europe were held in Lyon (France) and for the North America West region in Carson, California. In 2025, however, things could look very different again. That's why you should always keep an eye on the official CrossFit Games website.

How many athletes make it to the CrossFit Games?

Winner teams of the French Throwdown
© CrossFit, LLC

The number of athletes who qualify for the Games from each Semifinal varies depending on the region.

And in fact, these numbers are re-evaluated and determined each year by CrossFit based on the "strength of the field". In other words, it never gets boring!

For 2024, for example, the qualification numbers for each region looked like this

  • Europe: Top 10 men and women (20 in total)

  • Asia: Top 2 men and top 3 women (5 in total)

  • Oceania: Top 4 men and women (8 in total)

  • North America East: Top 11 men and women (22 in total)

  • North America West: Top 9 men and top 8 women (17 in total)

  • South America: Top 3 men and women (6 in total)

  • Africa: Top man and woman (2 in total)

As you can see, only 80 athletes were able to make it to the Games. The spots are extremely limited and that's exactly why the semifinals are so tough.

And the teams?

There is also a lot of sifting among the teams so that only the best compete in Texas.

These were the qualification numbers for 2024 by region:

  • Europe: Top 8

  • Asia: Top 1

  • Oceania: Top 3

  • North America East: Top 8

  • North America West: Top 7

  • South America: Top 2

  • Africa: Top 1

A total of 30 teams competed at the CrossFit Games.

How can you watch the CrossFit Semifinals as a spectator?

Fans at a CrossFit event
© CrossFit, LLC

The CrossFit Semifinals are not only a highlight for the participants, but also for everyone who loves the sport or wants to cheer on their favorite athletes.

If you want to watch the semifinals, you basically have two options:

Live: You can watch the semi-finals live on site - but you should make sure you get tickets in good time.

  • Why is live unbeatable? Because the atmosphere in the arenas gives you goosebumps. You can literally smell the sweat and the endorphins!

Online: Alternatively, you can watch the semi-finals from the comfort of your couch - via live stream. The best way to do this is via the official CrossFit YouTube channel.

  • Why are live broadcasts not so bad either? The broadcasts offer comprehensive commentary, interviews with athletes and insights into their competition strategies.

Generally, the events are streamed worldwide via various platforms, including the official CrossFit Games website and through partner channels.

The CrossFit Semifinals: The heart of the CrossFit season

The Semifinals are more than just a competition; they are one of the big highlights of the CrossFit season alongside the CrossFit Games.

Whether you watch the semifinals live or from home, one thing is certain: the energy, passion and pure intensity of these events are contagious. Year after year, the workouts push the boundaries of what is athletically possible and inspire thousands worldwide to challenge themselves and push their own limits.

So make sure you watch the semifinals. You'll get an even better feel for the sport and how to perform individual movements.




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